About Us

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Wood Fruitticher Food Service is an independent broadline distributor of food and other restaurant-related products. Family-owned and operated since 1913, we offer an infrastructure as comprehensive as the industry's largest publicly traded companies with a streamlined corporate organization that puts most decisions no further than a phone call away.

From our Birmingham headquarters, we serve a territory covering Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, southern South Carolina, and eastern Louisiana.

Our commitment to meeting needs and exceeding expectations starts with a commitment to our people. They're the reason Wood Fruitticher has one of the industry's highest fill rates. That, and our state-of-the-art, 365,000-sq. ft. facility - equipped with R.F. barcode scanning for error-free receiving, shipping and inventory control.

It's all tied together with our advanced, automated routing system - ensuring that you get what you need, when you need it.

Wood Fruitticher is committed to giving you the kind of proactive, consultative advice you can use to maximize not only your profits, but your customers' overall dining satisfaction level. So, who says you can't get good help anymore? Call Wood Fruitticher for better tasting food service today.


"What a great job you and your staff did to catch up deliveries for the schools.  We normally have a Monday delivery and I figured we were going to be at the bottom of the list to get a delivery.  I'm amazed that you had a truck on the day we returned to school and it was even early in the morning.  Thanks for all you do everyday and especially during the storm crisis."

Linda S. Bennett - Vestavia, AL Schools