You're not just a number. Count on it.

"I can only imagine the nightmare you went through during our recent snow storm.  It was a great relief to open school on Wednesday and find your trucks delivering on that day so our managers would not have to worry about what to feed the children.  Like they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Also, please give our special thanks to the drivers."

Claude Adams - Pickens County, AL Public Schools



The way we see it, everyone in this company is your employee and if you don't like our service, you can fire us anytime. It is the same way some customers will fire you after one bad experience. We don't want that to happen, which is why we figure our most important job is to be there when you need us.

That means learning how and when to be there for you. Just as importantly, it means being flexible enough to handle emergencies and accommodating enough to make things right when we make mistakes. It means being the kind of company you can depend on, no matter what.

Are you looking for someone who understands both halves of the word "foodservice"? Call us. Because at Wood Fruitticher, you're not just a number. Count on it.