Problem? Solution. Let's eat.

When you hire a public company, you're working with people whose number one goal is always to make their numbers.  When you hire Wood Fruitticher, you'll get a sales rep who'll get to know you. Someone who'll find out what you like, and don't like. Someone who'll look for ways to help you make your business more profitable.  When you hire Wood Fruitticher, you'll get a company president who'll take your call if you need a problem solved. You'll get a company offering flexibility in delivery scheduling - not to mention the ability to stock unique or specialty items for you.  When you hire Wood Fruitticher, you'll get absolute first-rate customer service. You'll get access to new items whenever they become available.  When you hire Wood Fruitticher, you'll get honest pricing. With us, there's nothing under the table. Except legs. So let's eat!


  • Local Family Ownership Since 1913 - We are a family business, and we believe in personal relationships with our customers, service, and attention to detail.  We are a company you can depend on, no matter what.
  • Trusted National Brands in Stock - Wood Fruitticher is a "branded house" and we stock the national brands you know from all major foodservice suppliers.
  • State-Of-The-Art-Facility - At Wood Fruitticher, we continually invest in technology.  Our office and warehouse are run with the latest computers, software, and warehouse equipment to meet your service expectations.
  • 365,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse - Our 2004 and 2008 expansions added space to the dry, cooler, and freezer sections of our warehouse.  This space gives us the flexibility to service all customer types, large and small.
  • Buying Power - We are a member of Unipro Foodservice, the nation's #1 Foodservice distribution network for the industry's leading national brands.  Over $36 billion in buying power assures you the optimum variety of product, at competitive prices.  This superior buying leverage is passed on to you.  We buy better, so you buy better.
  • Experienced Purchasing Staff - Our purchasing professionals are experts in their product categories and bring years of industry experience to the Wood Fruitticher team.
  • Personal Sales Representatives - Our dedicated sales professionals are the best in the business.  Each of our customers has a dedicated representative focused on bringing additional knowledge and experience to your operation.
  • Licensed Registered Dietician - Our dietician is a health care expert and is available any time to assist with menu planning, training, food safety, and other needs.  We carry an extensive line of health care related products and we have the expertise needed to serve this segment of our business.
  • Equipment and Supplies Specialist - From a simple spoon to full kitchen consultation and design, Wood Fruitticher offers a wide range of professional equipment and kitchen supplies through our E&S specialist.  Call us for a consultation.
  • Detailed Reporting - Through our dedicated IT professionals, we can tailor our reporting to suit the needs of your business, when you need it.
  • Ordering Flexibility -  We offer the convenience of internet based ordering and we have several systems available to suit your needs.  While a personal sales representative will always be available, internet ordering gives you the freedom to manage your inventory on your schedule.